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by JAN

(Just Another Nobody)

In my first post on the Boston bombings, I presented a number of reasons to reject the Official Story of this event.[1] Since the bombings occurred two more events have happened which look like attempts to cover-up and/or clean up after the event. The first of these was the murder of Ibragim Todashev in Florida, which I have discussed in my second article.[2] This article will focus on the deaths of the two FBI agents and other events which have been linked to the Boston bombings.

Two special agents of the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), Christopher Lorek and Stephen Shaw, died in an accident off the Virginia coast. It seems they were fast-roping from a helicopter to a ship when the aircraft experienced difficulties.[3] The fact which connects this with the Boston bombings is that they were members of the HRT and “last month, the team was involved in the arrest of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings.”[4] The Virginia medical examiner’s office found that the “two FBI agents killed in a fall while training off the Virginia Beach coast died from blunt force trauma.”[5]

Two different posts from people with military backgrounds suggested that such an accident was rather unlikely, particularly if it is thought of as “falling” from the helicopter to the ship.


“RED FLAGS !!! How do you fall out of a “controlled” situation where you are supposed to have a special 600 pound test line with a special climbing harness and special “repelling rig” with a figure 8 repelling device.

“After that, it is up to you and your “break hand” with a Heavy Leather glove that is reinforced.

“You also have another “safety line” which is also attached, unless you are an “experienced” repeller and are on some SRT or extraction team.”[6]

“They were suppose to fast rope down to the ship. Being former Special Forces I can attest to the fact that there are two ways to use a rope from a helicopter. One is by repelling and the other is by fast roping. The helicopter is about 75 feet above the ground. Repelling is from the side of the helicopter and fast roping is from a trap down in the middle of the helicopter. Since there is all sorts of safety involved murder is a possibility. (…) I would have to say that while these FBI agents were repelling or fast roping, somebody probably cut the lines. The rope is pretty strong, it isn’t that easy to fall when you are hanging on to it.”[7]


This seems to be a simple exercise of putting two and two together to get four, and almost everyone commenting on it assumes this is enough to make a case for the FBI’s murder of two or their own agents. Unfortunately, I don’t think it is as simple as that, and it is useful to compare this case with the one I have discussed in my previous article, called Part 1, dealing with the murder of Ibragim Todashev.

First, in his case, we have photos of the body showing seven gunshot wounds, on of them being the head shot used by killers to make sure their victim is dead. In the case of the FBI agents we have nothing but the medical examiner’s report which is consistent with the FBI claim that the men died from impact, either with the boat or the water, rather than drowning.

Second, Dzhokar Tsarnaev was captured by a MBTA SWAT team.[8] Some members of the HRT were present a the capture of Dzhokar, as they apparently tossed a stun grenade into the boat where he was hiding.[9] The problem here is that the HRT consists of about 90 agents. There is no evidence that the two agents who died were even in Boston at the time, and no evidence agents with the HRT had anything to do with Dzhokar after he was arrested. “Considering how many people were involved in the actual arrest and how many agencies got involved, we’re talking about a lot of personnel that were in some way around.”[10]

Finally, even if you assume that many things about the Boston bombings are being covered up the FBI, this does not immediately give you a motive to kill two of their own agents. The main reasons to reject the FBI story of the death of Ibragim Todashev are (1) the number and kind of gunshot wounds he died from, (2) his being unarmed at the time, and (3) his likely knowledge of some important facts about the Tsarnaev brothers because of his common interests and background. We would need much more evidence to connect these two agents to something important relating to Dzhokar before we can reasonably suspect the FBI would have any reason to silence two of their own agents.

Thus, at this point, I think there is no reason to connect the deaths of these two agents to the Boston Bombings, and no reason to doubt the FBI’s account of their deaths. Clearly our government does lie to us, but the only way we can know this is to examine all the available evidence. While there is a widespread scepticism of the government, its actions and its statements, which is good, many of these people who are suspicious do not seem to be capable of digging around for evidence and weighing up what they find to come to a reasonable conclusion.

In his interesting series of shows on GreeneWaveTV, Christopher Greene has one entitled: INVESTIGATED: Woolwich and Boston Terror Attacks.[11] In this he discusses not only the death of Ibragim Todashev and the two FBI agents, but also the death of Sunil Tripathi who was found dead in the Providence River. He ties all of these four deaths together into one grand conspiracy.

A spokeswoman for the Provincetown police stated that “Tripathi’s body had been spotted in the river by a Brown university rowing coach on Tuesday and that it had been identified by dental records, suggesting a long immersion. Foul play was not a factor, she confirmed.”[12] The only connection he had with the Boston bombings was that users of Reddit mistakenly identified Sunil as one of the bombers. The mistake was eventually recognized and apologies offered to the family.[13]

Here again, there is no hard evidence to link Sunil Tripathi to the Boston bombings, and no reason to see his death as more than a personal tragedy. Perhaps it makes the “investigator” seem to be so much smarter than everyone else to link all these deaths together, but it does not advance our understanding of events any more than the lies of the government and the mass media.

We live in difficult times where the government lies and distorts the truth every day, and the media which reports these stories will not, and cannot, seriously question these stories. We have also seen that people who want to tell us the truth, called “whistleblowers” like Bradley Manning, Julian Assange among many others, are harassed by this same government and charged with invented “crimes”. We desperately need people who are sceptical of what they are told, capable of looking behind the stories to see what truths are being hidden, and willing to explain what they find to the rest of us. We need truth instead of lies!

[1] Boston Bombings: Not to Know is Bad; Not to Wish to Know is Worse.

[13] Ibid.


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